To save typing, texts can be automatically inserted using text abbreviations with MagicExpander HowTo. How to do it with MagicExpander:

  1. Define text abbreviations for the reusable text once

    A text abbreviation with the associated text must be created once in the MagicExpander to reuse it later.

  2. Open any application

    To paste the text into another application, that application must be in the foreground.

  3. Enter abbreviation

    Enter the abbreviation defined in the first step in the target application.

  4. The text will be inserted automatically

    Fertig. The text assigned to the abbreviation is automatically inserted.

MagicExpander HowTo: abbreviation management
abbreviation management

With the MagicExpander your are able to pack your complex texts in short abbreviations and make them reusable.

Insert your text into other applications by entering just a short text abbreviation.

You only write recurring texts, greetings, e-mail signatures and much more only once!

The abbreviations and the corresponding texts are managed in a list and can be customized to your own needs.

No more MagicExpander HowTo needed. It’s as simple as this.