This tool allows you to keep all the texts copied from the clipboard. Saved texts can be easily inserted into the current application. Frequently used texts can thus be easily reused.

What is a clipboard?

The clipboard or clipboard is a cache area that allows the simple exchange of data (text, images, and other objects) between programs in a two-step process. It serves as a buffer for copy & paste or cut & paste: Selected data is copied from the original location to the clipboard using the "Copy" or "Cut" functions. The "Paste" function takes the data from the clipboard to a document of another program.

Wikipedia (accessed 28.07.2017)

What makes ClipMem different?

The original clipboard can only store one entry. So if you were now vigorously copying and pasting, it quickly happened that e.B. a previously copied text disappeared at once in nirvana, because the clipboard was overwritten with another text. That changes from now on! ClipMem offers the possibility to have several entries in the clipboard and can easily paste them into other applications.

Key features at a glance…

  • Save texts from the clipboard permanently – from any application
  • Subsequent editing of saved texts
  • Retrieval of the texts via the so-called insert window, which is called up via a globally definable key combination
  • Insert text into any application
  • Sorting e.B. by frequency of use of individual entries
  • Insert multiple entries in previous application with the delimiter specified
  • Search function for texts
  • Own setup for convenient installation and uninstall

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Common questions

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